The Clearing

Mar 21, 2020 | words: 163 | time to read: 1 min

Society as a clearing in the forest.

We have lost touch with nature. The natural world and the world within. We continue to be lost in the game.

Why do we forget?

How quickly we neglect what we truly are. No different from the bird in the sky. The bird has no choice but to be here now.

When nature rears its monstrous head, the game comes to a grinding halt. The cathedrals of consumerism crumble. We are invited to retreat within.

Back to our homes, our loved ones, ourselves, each other.

The scalding fire has cleared away the brush and revealed the soil that lies below. What is the fabric on which you stand? With your feet in the rich, dark ground have you ever felt so connected?

In the ancient wisdom, these things are understood. In our heart we know it’s impermanent. Look to the clear sky. Listen to the bird song.

Rest in the boundless warmth of nature’s embrace.

It feels so uncertain, yet we never knew.